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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Join me for Merienda: Date,Almond, Coconut,Carob Truffles

Hello again,

I made these last week and just did a second batch for this post recently. 
These are very quick to put together and the end result is really delicious. 

Just like this recipe I'm going to keep my blurbs short and simple; so that you can get making this good stuff =)

I hope you enjoy this one and don't forget to look for the bonus recipe ;p

Date, Almond, Coconut, Carob Truffles- GF, DF, V

1/2C-3/4C Sulfite Free Dates (try to use the ones with more moisture; they will be easier to chop)
1/2C          Almonds
1/4C          Organic, Sulfite Free and finely shredded dried Coconut
2Tb           Carob Powder

Just 4 beautiful ingredients...well maybe 5 if you count Love =)

This is the brand of Shredded Coconut that I use in most of my cooking and baking.


Add the dates and almonds into a mixer or mini chopper and pulse for a about 5 minutes.  If you don't have a chopper/mixer; you can always practice your  knife skills and chop them manually. I would recommended doing them separately if you are following the manual method.
Step 1

This is what the mixture should look like once it has been thoroughly chopped. The mixture should clump together into a ball.

Add the almond and date mixture to a bowl and combine it with the coconut and the carob powder.

Step 2

This is what the mixture will look like once you've combined everything thoroughly. I used a glove to mix it together because the mixture is quite sticky.
Step 4 
Simply take the mixture and form them into balls. You may want to use gloves again to roll them  since they are still quite sticky. If you let them cool down to room temperature or put them in the fridge for about 10 minutes they won't be as sticky.  Enjoy!!!!!

Step 5

These are a batch of Homemade 'Lara' bars.

Recipe Bonus

The way to make homemade 'Lara' bars is basically the same method as making the truffles. All Lara bars are Date based. The photo shows a batch that I made with Dates, Almond, Flax, Chia and spices. Absolutely delicious and much cheaper than buying dozens and dozens of Lara bars. So, have fun with this and play around with your ingredients.I think I may try to mimic a retired flavor of  Lara bar, it was one with chocolate and also had hot chilies in it as well. Omnomnomnom

Good Health and Happy Cooking!