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Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day and Jess a Tip!

Happy Leap Day!!!
I had a fairly productive day and I had hoped to share this tip with the create tv contest for PBS, but I ran out of time and I do not do much video editing these days; so I wouldn't feel good submitting something that was subpar.

It's a simple tip that encourages waste not, want not. I definitely try to be frugal and this is one of those ways that I achieve this goal.

Everytime that I use any type of citrus I make sure to zest them first. I then mix the zest into either sugar, sea salt and sometimes oil too.

I can then use these for future recipes and the flavors are a great addition to cakes, crackers, salads etc.

I will be sharing some recipes in the future featuring this ingredient.

Mixed with organic sugar

Mixed with Himalyan Pink Sea Salt

I hope that you all had a wondeful day and that you will have an even better tomorrow.

Wishing you all
Good Health and Happy Cooking

<3 Jessica