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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Modern Day Nonsense

Hello again everybody, I hope that you're all doing well.

I started to write another entry a few weeks ago, but had to stop because it was going on and on and seemingly without an end. I may end up publishing it at a later time, but as separate installments. I think this may turn into a series; that may incorporate some of the info from that unpublished essay that I was working on. Anyway, here we go.

Modern everyday life is so backwards sometimes.

We rely heavily on digital technology to communicate with people because we want to stay connected to them, but are rarely communicating face to face. I cannot count how many times that when I've been out somewhere and I've seen people constantly checking their phones even while in conversation with people.There are people that I've seen, who have walked into a store on their cell phones and never gotten off of it for one second, even during checkout. Ughhh.... I do check my phone, but I would never do that while I was in conversation with somebody or shopping; that is just rude.It seems like people don't remember basic etiquette and common respect. Please don't talk or drive while you're on your cell phone. It's just dangerous and unnecessary. Whatever it is; it can wait. We need to work on our patience skills; so that we don't lose it if a page doesn't load within a few seconds or if somebody doesn't text us back straight away.One of the things that I miss most is receiving real cards and letters in the mail. It seems like it's a dying art and it saddens me. I know how quickly we can send emails or texts, but when somebody takes the time to write you personally; it means so much more.  We want to connect to disconnect?

This looks like an exhibit that will be in a museum in the future... yikes!

We buy bottled water out of convenience? People buy it because they think it's the healthier choice over soda or other drinks, but the truth of it is that most bottled water is no better or safer than the regular tap water.There were a bunch of companies that admitted that their so called 'spring water' or 'naturally sourced water' was just regular old tap water. There is so much money, water and energy wasted on producing 1 single bottle of water versus a person using a reusable drinking canister/container. Why do we like wasting so much money and ignore the fact that it is counterproductive both for us and our environment? It's true that we can recycle the bottles, but a lot of people just throw those straight into the regular trash and even with recycling; that still expends a lot of energy in itself. If we all just took the time to use reusable canisters/containers; think of how much we would save and how little waste we would create.

The same idea of reusing applies to shopping bags, the love affair with plastic and disposable has to stop. People are so used to the idea of convenience that they take so many things for granted. If you can reuse something; you should. One of my friends who is here visiting from Brazil, was telling me how she thought it was ridiculous that the general consensus from U.S. environmentalists (according to her and she knows that she would like to do more research about it) in whether to use plastic or paper; is that paper would be the better choice. Paper is better than using plastic, but she said that depending on the instance such as for eating, that it would be better to use reusable items. It's true using a 'disposable' option really should be the very last resort. I told her about how they now sell reusable cutlery made out of highly sustainable bamboo (which would hopefully replace the idea of using plastic knives and forks etc. Short of buying a set of the reusable bamboo cutlery they do sell cutlery made out of plant starch which are compostable. The same goes for some types of plates and bowls which can be made out of plant starch or bagasse; which are the leftover sugar cane fibers from sugar production. Bottom line: waste not, want not.

As I was proofreading this entry, I was reminded of Andy Rooney who spoke his mind in a very unique way. I'd like to think that I do not come off as curmudgeonly as him though =)

Thanks for taking the time to visit and read with me. I always appreciate it.

Wishing you all another day full of goodness!


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