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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jess a Few Reviews =)

Hello again people of the blogosphere,

This entry will be a list of items that I've recently purchased in the last few months.This time around they're all food products, but in the future I may document non-food items as well.

Daiya Brand Havarti style Wedge- Jalapeno Garlic

Cost: $3.59-4.00 in my local market area

This photo is from Trueindigo's wordpress 'Bacon is not a herb'.' I think I was being lazy for this entry =)

My brother Jonathan of the canary files first talked to me about Daiya cheese a few years ago and I did go and pick up a pack of their shreds a handful of times, but I wasn't a huge fan. It was fine if I did something like vegan burritos mixed in with the other vegetables and rice, but I didn't care for it too much by itself because it was a bit oily to me. When I saw these Daiya Wedges at the store, I was a bit reluctant to try them, but when I saw them on sale, I thought I would give one a try. I chose the Havarti style because it's one that I hadn't seen replicated before, although I wasn't sure about the Jalapeno Garlic part, not because I don't like spicy foods, but because I wanted to try the Havarti as a stand alone flavor. This wedge is awesome. When it's nearly room temperature you can almost spread it like a Boursin. One way I really enjoyed eating this was cooking it with some raw red onions, some baby kale salad, organic raw sunflower seeds and then eating it in some homemade Injera bread.

I've also used the wedge to top a  homemade foccacia style flat bread with red onions and homemade za'atar spice. Another variation that I did was topping a homemade rosemary crisp bread with sauteed baby bella mushrooms with sauteed baby kale, dotted with some of the wedge and baked until melty. Deliciousness. 

The wedges as well as the shredded Daiya Cheese freeze well. If you see them on sale ( I found them on manager's special for only $2.59 a piece!); I would go ahead and stock up on them. They are quite handy for some quick meals. 

To learn more about Daiya, please visit the following link:

Alive and Radiant Brand ChocKalet Chips

Cost: $4.99 at my local food shop
I had no qualms about eating this whatsoever. I love Kale and I love Dark Chocolate. This stuff is soooo goood. Rawliciouness! The texture reminds me of a cross between  homemade dark chocolate corn flake clusters and those German chocolate bars that have a variety of grains and nuts in them. 

I was usually satisfied with one or two pieces of the Kale Krunch because it's definitely something that you should savor and not eat mindlessly just like all food and drink for that matter =)

To learn more about Alive and Radiant Products, please visit the following link:

Nature's Path Organic- 
Love Crunch- Premium Organic Granola, Dark Chocolate, Red berries, coconut and flax

Cost: $6.99  at Costco for the 26.4 oz Bag (a bargain!)

This is awesome on so many different levels. First of all, it tastes spectacular and also because it gives back the purchase price equivalent, not only in cash, but also in organic food to the Bite4Bite Food bank. The story of its creation is actually very sweet (pun intended). It was created by some of the employees for their wedding. The guests loved it so much; that they urged them to make it a regular product line.  The name is highly appropriate =)

Be warned this granola is extremely delicious; so I would recommend pouring out a single serving, instead of just reaching your hand into the bag. You also have to remember that this is granola so it's dense in calories and even though they are the good fats and fiber; you should still eat it in moderation =)

To learn more about Nature's Path Organic Products, please visit the following link:

Well, that's all for this first installment of 'Jess a few reviews.'

If you do try or have already tried any of the aforementioned reviewed items; please do let me know what your thoughts were about them and leave me a comment!

Wishing you all health and happiness!


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