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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I love my dog =)

Seeley is a rescue dog, which means he was saved from a dire situation/ circumstance.
The person who rescued Seeley explained that he was left outside chained year round, sometimes with food and water, but for the most part he was just neglected. I will never understand how any person could mistreat and abuse another living being.

Seeley was under a year old when he came into my life. It had only been 3 months since I lost my previous boy Liam to bone cancer, which absolutely crushed my heart.
When they asked me if I might be able to take in Seeley; I wasn't 100 percent sure if I could, but you always have room in your heart and Seeley found his spot in mine.

I chose the name Seeley because it means a very happy person and I feel like that's what Seeley was, very happy.

On the first ride home in my car he was small enough to ride in front. He looked at me during the whole ride. At the house he met the rest of my family and then he hung out with me in the kitchen and was still getting used to his new home. I fell asleep in a chair that evening with Seeley sitting across the room, but when I woke up again he was sitting next to me. I felt like that signaled to me that he knew that this was his home and he wasn't going anywhere else.

He's an older puppy now and has those white hairs under his chin, but he's still playful and just as clever and mischievous.
Always a puppy to me

I love him for his unconditional love, the way he reminds me to slow down and enjoy the simple joys in life.

Thank you Seeley <3


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