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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Epicuriousity for One and All!

On the book of face, I kept notes of what I cooked and also shared photos of those items as well as other photos from a number of outings to restaurants or shops. I used to call these notes 'Epicuriouslogues', but since I'm starting over with them in this quadrant of webtastica; I've renamed it Epicuriousity.

 Hopefully you'll enjoy it.

I had to use a Taro Bubble Tea to defeat this guy trying to steal my car. The power   of sago compels you!
Mmmmm tasty and refreshing justice ;p

This is Puto. Please stop laughing, I know what it means in Spanish. This is  one of many styles of rice cakes. This typical triangle shape is one formed of the steamed variety. I think in Tagalog we could also refer to this a some sort of Bibingka (a cake, but usually made out of rice or with rice in the ingredients. I bought this from QQ a Local Malaysian bakery.

I bought these at a local Asian Grocery store.  These are very good; they're surprisingly not  sickeningly sweet. It tastes like the middle of a butterfinger, candy bar except it doesn't have all that extra crap in it. It's just pure peanuts and sugar. The most similar product to it in the States would maybe be Atkinson's Crunchy Peanut Butter Bars.

Stir-fried Zucchini, Tofu and Garlic Chives with vermicelli rice noodles that I made for dinner. 

Eat me, I am your sustenance! 

Blueberry Flax cake that I made. Omega 3, whole grain and Anthocyanins, never tasted so good together. Yum Yum =)

This is what my Pico de Gallo and blackbeans rice looked like when the timer went off for my rice cooker. Yep, the rice cooker is a wonderful thing. It takes up way less energy than using the stove ( I have an electric one) and the results are marvelous. If you have to buy a rice cooker, make sure you get one with the ability of different functions and if possible get one that comes with a steamer basket.

This is what the Pico de Gallo and Black Bean rice looks like when it's all mixed up and fluffed.

I made tostones  from some ripe plantains. Usually they make them with the green plantains, but I don't think anybody is going to arrest me for doing so =)

Ohhh how we love those delectable tostones. Look at the caramelization on that tostone.

These are GF/DF/V Lemon Lotus Bars that I made. These came out alright, but I want to change a few things and make them thicker. Tasted great though. If the crust looks a bit purple; it's because of the little amount of buckwheat flour that I used in the dough.

I made quesadillas with some awesome corn tortillas from El Milagro (Local Michigan  Company)  it's filled with quesadilla cheese with oregano, a dash of adobo spice and black pepper, fresh Pico de Gallo from Dos Hermanos (another local latino grocery store).

These were all the vegetables that went into one of my Thai Curries. The  eggplant that you see is actually from my home garden =) I didn't have a photo of the finished curry because it didn't last that long =)

Paku Choi  in a tomato, garlic and turmeric sauce. Paku Choi is one of a gazillion in the Chinese cabbage family. This variety is on the bitter side (Yay, lots of Antioxidants and Phytochemials) similar to the taste of Rapini (an italian variety of broccoli). 

Sauted Sesame Yu choi. Notice how my bamboo utensils always try to sneak into my photos? ;p

So, that's it for this installment. Did any of them make you salivate in particular? Any of them weird you out completely? Still curious about these foods? Feel free to ask me any questions about them. I'll try to give you as much info as I can give you about them. 

It's always fun to try new things.

'Epicuriousity begins at birth and never ends.'
                          - J. G. I =)

Be well =)


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  1. So was the Taro Bubble Tea an effective deterrent? It would've worked for me :) Nice photos and captions!