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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hello, it's nice to finally meet you =)

Hello out there,

WARNING: The following entry is very scatterbrained. All of this blogginess is new to me and the next entries 
      will be more concise, but for now you must deal with a bit of my verbosity =) 
                      Thank you for your patience

I've finally settled on a blog title. It took quite a stretch of time, but I finally picked one! I had mused earlier in the year with a friend about opening up a tea shop. I said that it would be called 'Humanitea' =) I really do not have plans to open up a tea shop, but I do enjoy tea of vast varieties. I have made a porte-manteau of Humanity and Tea, which I suppose reveals an aspect of my personality and interests. I think puns are cool and clever. They might be cheesy at times, but I always have to give them a bit of respect. All comedy of errors plays/novels/musicals make me laugh tremendously. Some famous writers of comedy of errors include Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde. I mean, who can overlook the Importance of Being Earnest =p

Anyhow, I don't have a one single subject matter for this blog. Lest the title of the blog mislead you; it will not always be about humanity or the beverage of tea etc. I do a lot of cooking so you may find some entries about what I've made that day or photos from out and about at restaurants etc. I can tell you that it's for certain that there are going to be entries about Vegetarianism/Vegetarian Cooking.  I've been a Vegetarian since about the age of 11; so it's been a big part of my life. I'm sure they'll be recipes and some tips and information about Vegetarianism. You'll definitely get to read about the reasons why I became a Vegetarian.

I adore taking photos and am thankful for digital cameras. I think my record for amount of photos in 1 day is a little over 2,000. I've scaled that amount down quite a bit (I couldn't afford all the memory cards! I am one of those people who take photos of anything that catches their eye. I am also one of those people who take photos of  their food at restaurants/markets. If that makes me weird; then I'm weird and that's fine with me =) 

I love languages and culture; so I'm sure I'll be writing about that for sure. I grew up bilingual. I spoke Tagalog and English at home. It wasn't until I was in Kindergarten that I realized that being multilingual was not the 'norm', for the other kids. When I was in those younger years the community that I lived in what not as diverse as it is today; so in a way I kind of felt like my family and I were kind of ambassadors in educating the school community about the Philippines, the homeland of my parents. That's most likely why I've always had an interest in languages and culture. I never liked the feeling of being boxed in and I think always learning new languages and about different cultures will help you to be more open to the world. 

Well, I hope to be writing more entries soon. Prior to me creating this blog I did share entries as 'Notes' on my facebook page. I may transfer some of those entries onto this blog; while I make the transition. 

Sorry, this wasn't the most exciting entry, but hopefully you'll be willing to stick around and see what'll come next. =)

Thanks so much for stopping by to read this, you've made me smile by doing so =)



  1. Welcome to Blogland, ading! So looking forward to what you'll write next (as will many people I know).

    It's going to wonderful writing together. Ready or not, here we come! :D

  2. Maraming salamat, kuya.
    (='Thank you very much, brother' - in Tagalog)

    Yes, it will be an adventure for sure. I'll try not to get too dizzy on the journey =)